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First contact

We will contact you in order to refine your search and provide a free consultation to answer any questions you may have about the area of your search, prices, and any other aspects of the property market. We will send you an estimate for our services, and a revised outline of your search criteria for your review.

When you are ready to proceed, we will select the right personal property finder for your search. At your first meeting together, in person or by phone, you will zero in further on your ideal property. Many of our clients provide us with pictures or descriptions of other properties they have seen, even addresses of buildings they would like to live in! We are ready to work with as much or as little detail as you have to offer.

Our fees are based on the difficulty of the search and the size of the property. In your contract you will see our 100% transparent fee structure: property finder has no hidden, additional fees, nor do we share commissions with sellers or selling agents. With property finder you know that our loyalty always lies with you, our client: our only interest is to find you the best property, regardless of the selling source.

The search begins

Now it’s our turn. Of course we search all the public and private resources available: walking the neighborhoods, as well as searching every publication, website and estate agent database. But that’s not all: property finder’s private, proprietary resources include a consolidated database of all private sale listings on the market in Paris, as well as direct contacts with hundreds of real estate agencies, property managers, corporate and private owners, in and around Paris. Your search goes out to our partners and contacts as soon as we start searching for you. They then call us as soon as they have a property for you long before that listing is ever posted, anywhere. With this coverage, we ensure that you have primary access to the best properties. You may well buy a property that nobody else even got to see… or have your offer accepted long before other buyers had the chance to make it to their first visit.

Many of our clients have come knocking on our door after the frustrating experience of being beaten to a great property by a property finder client!

You visit the best properties

As experienced buyer agents, we target the right information about each property, thus pursuing visits at only those properties that may really suit your needs. Even so, your property finder will make several visits and many more phone calls to find the best properties to show you. When he locates a potential property, he takes digital photographs and collects the relevant property details and descriptions, and gets this information to you immediately, along with his recommendations and impressions on how the property does (and doesn’t) meet your criteria. If you are interested to see it, your property finder will schedule the follow-up visit for you together.

You decide which properties you want to visit and when – we know your time is valuable and we try to minimize the number of visits you will have to make to find your ideal property. Most of our clients find their property within 5 to 10 property visits. Far less than the dozens or even hundreds of visits most buyers make before they finally find something they want.

You make an offer

Once you have chosen your property, property finder can work with you through as much or as little of the process as you choose. With our local and professional expertise, we can be instrumental in helping you establish the right purchase price, negotiate the best price and terms, and navigate the myriad legal requirements. Or, if you like, you can take over and work this process on your own.

From signing the purchase contract through the two to three months needed to close the sale, you will gain access to our unparalleled network of trusted partners – bilingual if needed - who provide the services essential to the property buying process: notaries, mortgage specialists, bankers, legal experts, and even project managers, contractors, architects, and decorators for your renovation needs.

You settle in

Again, property finder is there to provide the assistance you need: we can help you locate the right moving resources, renovation specialists, even help switch utilities over to your name. We do more to help to get you comfortably into your new home.

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Tell us about your search specifications

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