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This “Buyer's Specifications” questionnaire helps us to find out what your needs and specifications are regarding an apartment in Paris. The property finder will search over thousands of properties in database and from direct contacts to help match you up closely with your wants and desires.

Regretfully, we must advise you that we cannot accept clients with a budget of less than 300,000 Euros. The Parisian market has increased to the point that properties under this selling price are both very difficult to find and generally unacceptable to our clients. We recommend that those with lower budgets search directly through “Particulier a Particulier” or use local real estate agents in the neighborhoods of their specific interest.

Here are two examples:

Real estate investment in Paris - French expatriates:

The demand: in Paris; 40-45m²/400 square foot; budget 300.000€, no renovation; Research in 1 month - Several visits in 2 days ;


2 rooms, Paris 17, La Fourche subway station, 250.000€ ; 42 m²/420 square foot, freestone building, 3d floor, balcony, view over a small park, elevator; rental return on investment: 5% (less notary fees)

Apartment in Paris for a Spanish family relocated in Paris:

The demand: Center of Paris; 3 rooms, 60/70 m² (600-700 square foot), up to 600.000€; balcony or terrace; Research in 3 months - 3 visits in 1 day ;


3 rooms with terrace, 7th floor, parking, large view, Paris 11th arrondissement, building from years 2000, 550.000€


Please give your best answer to each of the eleven questions that follow; omitting a question may negatively affect your search results.

1. Apartment size

How many rooms / square feet (sf) / square meters (m2) are you looking for?

1 room Studio(210-375 sf / 20—35 m2)
1 room Studio(210-375 sf / 20—35 m2)
1 room Studio(210-375 sf / 20—35 m2)
1 room Studio(210-375 sf / 20—35 m2)
1 room Studio(210-375 sf / 20—35 m2)
2. Location

Describe the type area that you are looking for (arrondissement, Hausmanian, luxury, hype, neighborhood...):

3. Budget

What is your price range?

(at ~0.70 Euros to the dollar and remembering that selections are going for an average of ~7300 Euros per m2) Plan 140,000 Euros per room on the Left Bank and 120,000 Euros per room on the Right Bank.

Low ($500,000—$700,000 / 350,000—500,000 Euros)
Moderate ($700,000—$1,200,000 / 500,000—850,000 Euros)
High ($1,200,000—$2,850,000 / 850,000—2,000,000 Euros)
The Highest ($2,850,000 and more / 2,000,000 Euros and more )
4. Mortgage

Mortgage money at ~4—5% interest is available in Paris at banks where we can introduce you; I want to mortgage/borrow this amount of the cost...

0% — I will pay all cash
20% — minimum leverage
40% — moderate leverage
60% — typical buyer — puts 40% down
80% — maximum leverage
5. Building Style

What style of architectural design do you prefer?

Classical (6-stories, parquet, marble fireplaces, mirrors, plaster moldings)
Modern (post-WWII, high rise, parking, all modern facilities, elevator)
Either is fine with me
6. Floors

I am willing to walk up...

Zero floor (we want an elevator)
One or Two floors
Three floors
Four floors
All the way
7. Time frame

My time frame for taking possession of my new Paris real estate is approximately ...

3 months
6 months
9 months
12 months (1 year)
18 months (1 ½ years)
8. Renting/Letting Out

As an owner my interest in RENTING /LETTING out this apartment to help defray my operating expenses is...

None (I want it for my exclusive use)
Modest (up to 4 weeks/YR)
Moderate (up to 12 weeks/YR)
Maximal (up to 48 weeks/YR with owner taking random openings in otherwise full rental schedule)
9. Must-haves

These are things my apartment MUST HAVE...

Modern kitchen and bathroom (add 20% to your budget)
View (add 10% to your budget)
Exceptional View (add 15% to your budget)
Elevator (add 10% to your budget)
Fireplace (add 10% to your budget)
Terrace (add 10% to your budget)
Super (add 5% to your budget)
Parking (add 5% to your budget)
10. Renovation

These are things my apartment MUST HAVE...

I do not want to fix anything, the apartment must be clean
I can deal with renovations
About You

These are things my apartment MUST HAVE...

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